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We love a good old LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), right? But what about the toilets? I recently moved to Denmark, and almost all the toilets have lfö written on them. Actually, until writing this post I thought these toilets were a brand called lfö but it turns out it’s ifö. Regardless, I present to you […]

A few months back, with Mann Made Media, I had the privilege to work on a great project for BMW. BMW was announcing their sponsorship of the South African rugby team – the Springboks. Our brief was to simulate the feeling a rugby player would experience as they walk onto a packed stadium. It was well received […]

I recently was on a shoot in Liberia, Monrovia. What an incredible country. After a little confrontation from the Liberian equivilent of Area Boys [left pic], we managed to get to an awesome location by the river. There was a tree [right pic] swarming with hundreds of very vocal fruit bats. I couldn’t resist, and […]

I love hearing my recordings used in music. Mathias Brüssel, a.k.a Visuelle Musik, the programmer involved with the Max + Live to Twitter Ruby code, wrote music with some of my field recordings. He does really interesting stuff with programming, such as using the braille system to trigger MIDI. Visuelle Musik is a multi-media project […]

Last week, I put up a mystery sound for you to guess what it was. This is the sound: Mystery Sound by SoundPlusDesign recorded on Sound Devices 702 + MKH 418s I got some interesting responses: Hippo Toad Baby springbok in the belly of a python sliding past a microphone in the rain 🙂 Trees […]

Can you guess what this sound is? A few weeks back I had an amazing recording experience in the Timbavati Game Reserve. I absolutely love this sound. I think experiencing it in person played a huge role in me falling for this sound. Once you know what it is, it becomes quite eerie. I haven’t […]

Recently I was on a shoot (more on that later), and I caught these two extras having a chat, love it! The man on the right is very deaf, and the man on the left is very polite. It’s especially good towards 1:00 onwards. How to Prune Your Roses by SoundPlusDesign recorded on Sound Devices […]

I just got back from really pleasant two week vacation in Thailand where I got to meet up with my girlfriend (she lives in the States). Here are some of my favorite sounds from the trip. I only brought my Zoom H4n and didn’t record much as it’s never fun to be on holiday with […]

Miguel Isaza from Designing Sound and Nathan Moody from Noise Jockey have conjured up an exciting new site concentrating on the art of field recording. Sonic Terrain is a portal for the art, science, and craft of field recording. It will aggregate information and publish exclusive content focused on sounds recorded outside the studio. Topics […]

Last week I was on a shoot in a South African township, and there was a chicken coop . It sounded pretty awesome, so I recorded the ambience of it. The recording has unfortunately got traffic sounds, and I had to edit quite a bit around people talking. There is also the sound of the […]