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We have an amazing opportunity to migrate Social Sound Design to the Stack Exchange Network. This means brand new and up-to-date software with lots of great features (including chat and a meta site!). Best of all, we’ll be part of a massive ecosystem of knowledge. Hurray! Ever since starting my journey into the world of sound design, […]

We love a good old LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), right? But what about the toilets? I recently moved to Denmark, and almost all the toilets have lfö written on them. Actually, until writing this post I thought these toilets were a brand called lfö but it turns out it’s ifö. Regardless, I present to you […]

For my portfolio website, I wanted to create a bio in a different way than just typing out a description of my life. I find it very hard to capture effectively my life as a blurb, and showing all the key parts in my life visually and in a timeline form for you to distil […]

The NAB Show gave me a special registration code to pass along to {sound + design} readers. It gives you FREE ACCESS to the exhibit floor, the Opening Keynote (by James Cameron) and State of the Industry Address, Info Sessions, Content Theater, Exhibits and PITS – a $150 value. Register here with the code SM05. […]

Yesterday was the second birthday of {sound + design}. On the 27th of October 2008 I posted my first blog entry ever 🙂 I just want to thank everyone for reading this blog. All the support I get from you is why I continue to do this! I have learned so much in these two […]

Are you based in Johannesburg, South Africa and want to learn Max/MSP? I will be running a free introductory Max/MSP workshop on Saturday the 6th of November. There are a few spaces left. Click on the button below to get more information about the workshop and save your spot. P.S. do I even have any […]

Recently I was on a shoot (more on that later), and I caught these two extras having a chat, love it! The man on the right is very deaf, and the man on the left is very polite. It’s especially good towards 1:00 onwards. How to Prune Your Roses by SoundPlusDesign recorded on Sound Devices […]

I just got back from really pleasant two week vacation in Thailand where I got to meet up with my girlfriend (she lives in the States). Here are some of my favorite sounds from the trip. I only brought my Zoom H4n and didn’t record much as it’s never fun to be on holiday with […]

Miguel Isaza from Designing Sound and Nathan Moody from Noise Jockey have conjured up an exciting new site concentrating on the art of field recording. Sonic Terrain is a portal for the art, science, and craft of field recording. It will aggregate information and publish exclusive content focused on sounds recorded outside the studio. Topics […]

Social Sound Design is doing really well, we have grown into a superb community of friendly and knowledgeable users with a ton of fantastic questions and answers. Thanks to you all for making SSD what it is! The beauty of this type of Q&A site is that it keeps information easy to find and concise, […]