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My friends over at Pro Sound Effects have just released an insane BBC sound effects library. Imagine the BBC doing show after show, year after year in a ton of different locations and covering millions of topics. Now catagorise them, update the metadata, then package them into a 1TB hard drive and voilà! For example, […]

When I started using SoundHack, I saw one could add an .aiff header to a non-sound file thus turning any piece of digital information into a sound file. So I tried once, got very excited and proceeded to quickly forgetting about it. In the Cycling ’74 forum someone posted a question about just that and […]

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I’ve been very busy and internet is a definite luxury here in South Africa. I recently was interviewed by sounDesign, a great Italian sound design blog run by Sara and Gianpaolo. Thanks for the opportunity, guys! From what I understand, they are starting an English version […]

I’m finally done putting together a Q&A site for us sound designers. I’m very, very excited about this project! Come visit Social Sound Design. It’s 100% free. SSD is brand new and freshly unwrapped, so let’s get the ball rolling with lots of questions, answers and knowledge exchange. 😉 about the project Sound design has many […]

A set of very exciting projects has come my way. I’m in South Africa for a few months recording and designing sound effects for three feature films. I’ve temporarily left New York (hopefully I will find my way back there soon) and its harsh winter for South Africa and its beautiful summer. bye bye boom boom […]

Last week I went to Handmade Music, an event put together by Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn. It was super fun. Sebastian Tomczak who has a blog I really enjoy called Little scale, was there playing some sweet chip tunes while we were hacking away and socializing. During the evening a group of us got […]

Portishead has just released a new song called “Chase the Tear” for Amnesty International. You can purchase the song for $0.99, all the earnings  go towards Amnesty’s human rights work. So you can do yourself and the world some good! The synth sounds great! Listen to “Chase the Tear” here Buy “Chase the Tear” here […]

My beloved girlfriend went back to the States for the time being, but I have my computer so I’m OK… I had an opportunity lined up then it fell through, but I have my computer so I’m OK… I almost got scammed selling something expensive on Ebay, but I have my computer so I’m OK… […]

The irony of this social sound design quest is that I have become as unsocial as it gets. I have been spending a lot of time sitting in front of the computer by myself working on a new piece of software that is almost completed. This software is called Sound Doodle. It is somewhat along […]

Two of my friends, Mike Greer and Yann Seznec (The Amazing Rolo), just finished their awesome iPhone app Mujik. It’s very fun, sounds really good and looks great too! For a short period of time you can download it for free. You can get it from here. Explore sounds in a new and fun way […]