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Super Angry Birds is a force feedback USB controller for Angry Birds that simulates the feeling of a slingshot. All the controls found in the game are available in this device. You can control the pull, the angle, and of course trigger the special power of the bird. We hacked a motorized fader found in […]

#theVELUXpose is an interactive installation for VELUX set in the streets of Copenhagen. VELUX specializes in roof windows and our brief was to inspire young urban citizens to see the roof as an opportunity space and aspire to one day own a roof window. Our goal was to connect the digital generation and the VELUX […]

This is a work in progress. Motion Grains is an interactive instrument, where the sound is affected by movement. I’m working on this project with Sian Palmer, a contemporary dancer and movement therapist based in Johannesburg. The motion tracking system analyses the dancer and changes parameters from a granular synthesizer. As visualization, I’m converting the […]

I thought I’d share with you a little video from our hacKinect Wednesdays get-together last week (too much fun). This is the first test so it’s VERY rough! We’re communicating between the KinectCoreVision by Patricio González Vivo and Max/MSP via TUIO protocol. I put together a super basic sound engine in Max, just to get […]

Co-founded with Tegan Bristow, Hackinect Wednesdays is a small group of programmers / artists / designers / hackers that meet once a week to hack the Xbox Kinect and create an installation. We decided to make a physical musical instrument with the Kinect as the gestural controller. The installation uses three programming languages. The gestures are […]

We’re very sorry, but have have decided to stop development on this. Twitter is changing their API too often, and we don’t have the time to keep up. It’s open source, so it would be fantastic if someone cares to take over and update it. If you do, please let me know and I’ll update […]

When I started using SoundHack, I saw one could add an .aiff header to a non-sound file thus turning any piece of digital information into a sound file. So I tried once, got very excited and proceeded to quickly forgetting about it. In the Cycling ’74 forum someone posted a question about just that and […]

Last week I went to Handmade Music, an event put together by Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn. It was super fun. Sebastian Tomczak who has a blog I really enjoy called Little scale, was there playing some sweet chip tunes while we were hacking away and socializing. During the evening a group of us got […]

Here’s an interesting project that Gabriel G aka AlphaCore is doing. He is coding live using the Ruby programming language to create MIDI events, which are then played through Tweet A Sound. If you are interested in this kind of stuff, Gabriel has shared his work on the live Ruby music system: The 3 required […]

Brian Green over at seeyouinsleep used Tweet A Sound and Ableton Live to create a cool little mashup.