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At our last hacKinect Wednesdays gathering, we worked on the physical side of the installation. We bought a bunch of different types of solenoids (push, pull, big, small) to see how they work and which ones suit best our installation. We also wanted to see a prototype of the whole system in action. The system […]

This is a work in progress. Motion Grains is an interactive instrument, where the sound is affected by movement. I’m working on this project with Sian Palmer, a contemporary dancer and movement therapist based in Johannesburg. The motion tracking system analyses the dancer and changes parameters from a granular synthesizer. As visualization, I’m converting the […]

I thought I’d share with you a little video from our hacKinect Wednesdays get-together last week (too much fun). This is the first test so it’s VERY rough! We’re communicating between the KinectCoreVision by Patricio González Vivo and Max/MSP via TUIO protocol. I put together a super basic sound engine in Max, just to get […]

Co-founded with Tegan Bristow, Hackinect Wednesdays is a small group of programmers / artists / designers / hackers that meet once a week to hack the Xbox Kinect and create an installation. We decided to make a physical musical instrument with the Kinect as the gestural controller. The installation uses three programming languages. The gestures are […]

I love hearing my recordings used in music. Mathias Brüssel, a.k.a Visuelle Musik, the programmer involved with the Max + Live to Twitter Ruby code, wrote music with some of my field recordings. He does really interesting stuff with programming, such as using the braille system to trigger MIDI. Visuelle Musik is a multi-media project […]

Gianpaolo and Sara from sounDesign ran a panel/workshop last weekend at the Enterferenze New Art Festival, and asked some of us around the world to contribute. The topic was “Design o’ the times” based on the concept of time design. I have been wanting to create a time-lapse phonography piece for some time now, so […]

I ran a competition on Social Sound Design (SSD) where the first person to get the Nice Question Badge would win a signed copy of David Sonnenschein’s book Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema. The winner is Fabrice Million (what a cool name), a Frenchman living in Australia. […]

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I’ve been very busy and internet is a definite luxury here in South Africa. I recently was interviewed by sounDesign, a great Italian sound design blog run by Sara and Gianpaolo. Thanks for the opportunity, guys! From what I understand, they are starting an English version […]

I’m finally done putting together a Q&A site for us sound designers. I’m very, very excited about this project! Come visit Social Sound Design. It’s 100% free. SSD is brand new and freshly unwrapped, so let’s get the ball rolling with lots of questions, answers and knowledge exchange. 😉 about the project Sound design has many […]

Here’s an interesting project that Gabriel G aka AlphaCore is doing. He is coding live using the Ruby programming language to create MIDI events, which are then played through Tweet A Sound. If you are interested in this kind of stuff, Gabriel has shared his work on the live Ruby music system: The 3 required […]