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Gianpaolo and Sara from sounDesign ran a panel/workshop last weekend at the Enterferenze New Art Festival, and asked some of us around the world to contribute. The topic was “Design o’ the times” based on the concept of time design. I have been wanting to create a time-lapse phonography piece for some time now, so […]

meet composer –> and sound designer –> Two weeks ago I attended a talk by Darren Aronofsky (director of Pi, Requiem For A Dream, The Wrestler, etc.) during the Edinburgh Film Festival. I recorded the 90-minute talk, and thought I’d share a little 1m43s section where he speaks about how he met his composer Clint […]

At The School of Sound, one of the speakers started his talk with the opening of Silent Light by Carlos Reygadas. This opening has got to be one of my favorite for sound design. What I love about this opening is the simplicity of the sound. It immediately piques the viewer’s interest and imagination. The […]

“Partir c’est mourir un peu” or in English “to leave is to die a little.” Not quite the same but you get the point. The disadvantage of moving to a new country is the difficulty of maintaining previous working relations. Two of my very good friends (directors), now based in Canada have just finished a […]

I built a fun Max/MSP patch that utilises a webcam to interact with a computer-generated fly. The “fly” is created using optical flow-based tracking, which was produced through Jean-Marc Pelletier’s cv.jit externals. They’re great for doing anything with Computer Vision in Max/MSP/Jitter. As a sound designer, I am obviously more interested in using Computer Vision […]

Time permitting, I avoid using sound effects libraries and make my own. I love the process of building up a sound, especially gathering up uncanny materials to record sounds  totally unlike their source. Finding the right sound to record can be tricky and time consuming, and it is good to have a few starting points. […]

Today, my friend Edvard came to my house to play with Arduino. He ordered some flex resistors from the U.S. When you bend them, the resistance value changes, which makes it great for controlling Max/MSP. So we hooked up the Arduino board to Max/MSP and ran the FM Synth patch from an MSP tutorial. The […]

Music instruments are not only about their sound but also their aesthetics. Tim Kaiser pushes this notion one step further. He recycles old devices and sculpts them into instruments that are aesthetically pleasing both to the ear and eye. He performs them as an experimental music performer. Maker Profile – Music Machines on Make: television […]

Audio recording tips by Jack Black. [via califaudio]

I really like this video. I have always wanted to do something like this but for now, I’ll just have to enjoy this film. [vimeo][/vimeo] Directed by Ace Norton [via The Music of Sound]