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Rethinking home audio and understanding how and where people share music was the jumping point for creating Skube. We realized that as we are moving more towards a digital and online music listening experience, current portable music players are not adapted for this environment. And sharing music in communal spaces is neither convenient nor easy, […]

I love hearing my recordings used in music. Mathias Brüssel, a.k.a Visuelle Musik, the programmer involved with the Max + Live to Twitter Ruby code, wrote music with some of my field recordings. He does really interesting stuff with programming, such as using the braille system to trigger MIDI. Visuelle Musik is a multi-media project […]

Last week I went to Handmade Music, an event put together by Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn. It was super fun. Sebastian Tomczak who has a blog I really enjoy called Little scale, was there playing some sweet chip tunes while we were hacking away and socializing. During the evening a group of us got […]

Portishead has just released a new song called “Chase the Tear” for Amnesty International. You can purchase the song for $0.99, all the earnings  go towards Amnesty’s human rights work. So you can do yourself and the world some good! The synth sounds great! Listen to “Chase the Tear” here Buy “Chase the Tear” here […]

Here’s an interesting project that Gabriel G aka AlphaCore is doing. He is coding live using the Ruby programming language to create MIDI events, which are then played through Tweet A Sound. If you are interested in this kind of stuff, Gabriel has shared his work on the live Ruby music system: The 3 required […]

Two of my friends, Mike Greer and Yann Seznec (The Amazing Rolo), just finished their awesome iPhone app Mujik. It’s very fun, sounds really good and looks great too! For a short period of time you can download it for free. You can get it from here. Explore sounds in a new and fun way […]

meet composer –> and sound designer –> Two weeks ago I attended a talk by Darren Aronofsky (director of Pi, Requiem For A Dream, The Wrestler, etc.) during the Edinburgh Film Festival. I recorded the 90-minute talk, and thought I’d share a little 1m43s section where he speaks about how he met his composer Clint […]

Living in Scotland, you’re bound to hear bagpipes. In fact I hear them most days because I live next to a park where bagpipers like to rehearse. So every now and then you’ll get an entry on bagpipes like this one or “This is Not a Bagpipe”. Today, I recorded two bagpipe players who were […]

When it works, great! When it doesn’t, well glitch sounds great too. While trying to implement Midi and polyphony for the next update of Tweet A Sound, I got some very unintended sounds. I used my beloved Korg padKontrol to play with this glitch: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download full quality [44.1kHz; […]

There has been a crucial update. This version doesn’t work anymore. Update available here ———————————————————————————————————– First off, a big thanks to Matthew Eddey for helping with the Ruby script and Twitter API. Also to all the people that helped along the way. This should work on Max 5 and Mac OS and Window. how to […]