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Rethinking home audio and understanding how and where people share music was the jumping point for creating Skube. We realized that as we are moving more towards a digital and online music listening experience, current portable music players are not adapted for this environment. And sharing music in communal spaces is neither convenient nor easy, […]

I ran a competition on Social Sound Design (SSD) where the first person to get the Nice Question Badge would win a signed copy of David Sonnenschein’s book Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema. The winner is Fabrice Million (what a cool name), a Frenchman living in Australia. […]

Here’s an interesting project that Gabriel G aka AlphaCore is doing. He is coding live using the Ruby programming language to create MIDI events, which are then played through Tweet A Sound. If you are interested in this kind of stuff, Gabriel has shared his work on the live Ruby music system: The 3 required […]

There has been a crucial update. This version doesn’t work anymore. Update available here ———————————————————————————————————– First off, a big thanks to Matthew Eddey for helping with the Ruby script and Twitter API. Also to all the people that helped along the way. This should work on Max 5 and Mac OS and Window. how to […]

“Partir c’est mourir un peu” or in English “to leave is to die a little.” Not quite the same but you get the point. The disadvantage of moving to a new country is the difficulty of maintaining previous working relations. Two of my very good friends (directors), now based in Canada have just finished a […]

I attempted to scare my friends on April Fool’s Day by creating an “apparition” of myself on Skype. As I was video chatting to my friends, I played a prerecorded video of myself walking in front of the computer and staring at my “live” self. I also affected my voice to make it extra frightening! […]

I built a fun Max/MSP patch that utilises a webcam to interact with a computer-generated fly. The “fly” is created using optical flow-based tracking, which was produced through Jean-Marc Pelletier’s cv.jit externals. They’re great for doing anything with Computer Vision in Max/MSP/Jitter. As a sound designer, I am obviously more interested in using Computer Vision […]

Since the upgrade of Firmata v2, it has been difficult communicating between Max/MSP and the Arduino board. However, thanks to Christopher Coleman, who updated the Max patch of Marius Schebella, it’s working again. Thank you Chris! Download the latest Maxuino here. This is a basic tutorial on how to set up communication between Arduino and […]

Today, my friend Edvard came to my house to play with Arduino. He ordered some flex resistors from the U.S. When you bend them, the resistance value changes, which makes it great for controlling Max/MSP. So we hooked up the Arduino board to Max/MSP and ran the FM Synth patch from an MSP tutorial. The […]

After 24 days of running to the front door whenever I thought I heard the sound of the postman, my Arduino micro controller finally arrived. Actually, to be more precise I had to go fetch it because the parcel was too big to fit through the mail slot. Apparently, the postman came one week earlier […]