Retro Google Earth“Partir c’est mourir un peu” or in English “to leave is to die a little.” Not quite the same but you get the point. The disadvantage of moving to a new country is the difficulty of maintaining previous working relations. Two of my very good friends (directors), now based in Canada have just finished a short documentary which I’m doing the sound design for. Thanks to a few free tools I downloaded online, we can collaborate efficiently. Some of these tools are the ones I used for the Skype prank call in the previous entry. is great for uploading and downloading files up to 100MB for free. All you need is to do is to set up a “drop name”, upload your file and give the link to the people involved. If 100MB is not enough, upgrading is relatively cheap. In our case, the OMFs alone are over 1GB so we used my own private ftp to upload the file. But works like a charm.

CamTwist is an application that lets us show our desktops instead of the webcam when using Skype. This has proven to be really useful when wanting to show something quickly rather than awkwardly trying to explain.

Soundflower lets me route the audio from my DAW directly to Skype avoiding the quality loss that results from going through the extra steps of playing audio through speakers and back in through the mic. It is obviously better to send the high quality file, but this option allows for a more interactive approach for developing your ideas in an online collaboration.

Let me know if you have other useful tools for collaborating from a distance!

[photo by Flickr user dannysullivan]

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    Also, Google docs is great for simultaneously collaborating on written works, definitely beats word! Basecamp is great for keeping your groups/projects organized. It’s like a giant message board/to-do list/meeting room. Unfortunately, it’s not free, but definitely worth it if you collaborate with other people frequently. Balsamiq is wonderful for making quick software mockups. Teammates and I have used it to make wireframes for our web masters.

    Happy collaborating!

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