It has been far too long since I have written a post. I am totally absorbed in designing a new programme continuing with the theme of social sound design. It is no doubt keeping me very busy! I will give more details a bit later.

Max/MSP/Jitter Course
Last week I was in London attending an advanced course on Max/MSP/Jitter run by Sebastian Lexer. He knows Max/MSP inside out and has got a real knack for explaining things very well! The course was absolutely fantastic, I highly recommend it.

Tweet A Sound Concert
A while back, Scott Hewitt emailed me about a concert he and his team did using Tweet A Sound. People sent #tas tweets that got diffused through a 26-channel speaker array as an electroacoustic improvisation. You can download it here or listen to it below.


Here is a video of it:

Now back to work…

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  1. 1 Hugo

    I have to say, I expected it to sound very random and messy, but it actually sounds pretty nice!

    I would like to hear how your social sound design project is going to develop.

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