Two of my friends, Mike Greer and Yann Seznec (The Amazing Rolo), just finished their awesome iPhone app Mujik. It’s very fun, sounds really good and looks great too! For a short period of time you can download it for free. You can get it from here.

Explore sounds in a new and fun way with Mujik! Pick the books off the shelf, flip them open, and chase the dust mites across the page to make the music your own…or just float away on a sonic balloon…

2 Responses to “Mujik! an iPhone app { sound + blog }”  

  1. 1 Flemming

    A really cool app. I have great fun flying the balloon πŸ™‚

  2. 2 Laurent Jouvin

    That looks fun and interesting. I’ll definitely try it out!

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