Last week I was on a shoot in a South African township, and there was a chicken coop . It sounded pretty awesome, so I recorded the ambience of it. The recording has unfortunately got traffic sounds, and I had to edit quite a bit around people talking. There is also the sound of the farmer whistling, but I left that in as it was for most of the recording and I kind of like it. I find it amazing how much more horrible this feels when hearing it versus looking at a picture.

Chicken Coop by SoundPlusDesign


The photo below is blurry, but if you look carefully, you’ll see that there is a pile of dead chickens. While recording, I didn’t notice and stepped on them. A mix of crunch, mush, fluff and all round yuk! The smell was vile! Needless to say that it is awful and sad to keep animals locked up like this.


6 Responses to “Chickens! Oh Yeah… {+ recording}”  

  1. 1 Edwin

    It’s kind of horrible. Nobody sounds too “content” in there, not even the mad whistler. But the whole thing leads to a horrible crescendo of sorts. Almost orchestral. Nice work (I think) ;)

  2. 2 Nathan Moody

    Wow, Andrew. Chilling and disturbing. Kudos for showing and sonifying the reality of such places. As a recording, it’s equally fascinating and deeply unnerving. Good work, man.

  3. 3 Andrew Spitz

    Thanks guys! Yeah, it’s pretty horrifying…

  4. 4 Haydn Payne

    Wow that sounds amazing, it sounds like an eerie wind ambience. The chicken vocals sound like howling wind & the cages rattling sound like things being blown around in gusts.

  5. 5 prosoundfx

    very eerie… good job on capturing the feeling so accurately!

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