Social Sound Design is doing really well, we have grown into a superb community of friendly and knowledgeable users with a ton of fantastic questions and answers. Thanks to you all for making SSD what it is!

The beauty of this type of Q&A site is that it keeps information easy to find and concise, it avoids the clutter of opinions, chit-chat and random thoughts, which makes finding answers difficult. That said, yesterday, Dave Matney this question: So, what do we do when we don’t want to ask questions? So we decided to start a Facebook page allowing us to have a more casual place to get to know each other and share random stuff.

The Facebook page needn’t be only for SSD users. Anyone can post their new blog entry, start a discussion, put an ad or a job posting up, or just share a link. It’s really a space to get together and socialize about sound. So please hit the ‘like’ button, and let’s get chatting!

Social Sound Design on facebook

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