Can you guess what this sound is?

A few weeks back I had an amazing recording experience in the Timbavati Game Reserve. I absolutely love this sound. I think experiencing it in person played a huge role in me falling for this sound. Once you know what it is, it becomes quite eerie.

I haven’t done anything to the sound, no EQ, no compression, nothing. Listen to the low rumble – insane. It gets really exciting from 40 seconds onwards.

Enough said, have a guess as to what the sound is and post your answer in the comments. If you listen carefully it’s actually quite obvious.

Mystery Sound by SoundPlusDesign recorded on Sound Devices 702 + MKH 418s

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  1. 1 Rob

    Geez dude, Im gonna have to go with a Hippo. Are you near water? and What was all the action at around 40 sec?

  2. 2 Andrew Spitz

    Not a hippo, and not close to water ;-)

  3. 3 Rob

    Ok, so Im pretty sure its not a wild cat or a rhino. Im gonna go with a buffalo :P

  4. 4 headfirst

    It’s the sound of a baby springbok in the belly of a python sliding past a microphone in the rain.

  5. 5 alex laing

    A toad?

  6. 6 Steve Urban

    Yeah, that sounds like buffalo/bison to me.

  7. 7 Flo

    I think i know but i’m not sure. Is this the sound of trees in the wind with creaking wood ?

  8. 8 Joel

    Sounds like a herd of buffalo or some similar creature passing by…

  9. 9 Andrew Spitz

    I’ll wait a little longer and see what others say… any other ideas?

  10. 10 Flo

    Ok i think I went a little too far there :D

  11. 11 Jean-Edouard Miclot

    Same as Flo: sound of trees in the wind with creaking wood ?

  12. 12 Mike


  13. 13 Scott McGregor

    hi Andrew, just found this site right now. signed up immediatly its great.

    my guess is a stampede of wilderbeast/buffolow? with the trees and grass blowing in the breeze?

  14. 14 sixnon

    it’s frogs in an environment with principle sound being a snake, i imagine on his way to find a frog!

  15. 15 Andrew Spitz

    There’s definitely correct answers here… I’ll give the answer in my next blog post :-)

  16. 16 Duncan


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