Last week, I put up a mystery sound for you to guess what it was.

This is the sound:
Mystery Sound by SoundPlusDesign recorded on Sound Devices 702 + MKH 418s

I got some interesting responses:

    Baby springbok in the belly of a python sliding past a microphone in the rain :-)
    Trees in the wind with creaking wood
    buffalo stampede

Well the answer is… a buffalo stampede. According to the ranger, it was a herd of about 1000.

Now picture the scene, I’m sitting on the ranger’s seat (on the bonnet of the 4X4) so it feels like I have nothing around me, it’s pitch black, and while driving we see two lionesses and six cubs hunting. We drive a little further, and turns out they’re hunting for buffalo, which we now are in the middle of the heard.

All the crackling wood you hear is basically all the buffalo walking, it sounds amazing! It actually sounds a lot like a fire to me, especially with the low rumble. From 40 seconds in, the stampede starts, this is set off by the lions. Our car was literally in the middle of this huge stampede. Wow! It’s amazing how heightened our hearing is when we can’t see much.

Thanks to all for participating! And well done to Rob, Steve, Joel and Scott for getting it right.

3 Responses to “And the Mystery Sound is… {+ recording}”  

  1. 1 Scott McGregor

    I cant wait to experience something like that in my carrer. this is why i love sound design!

  2. 2 Andrew Spitz

    It’s these kind of things that make me really happy that I do sound!

  3. 3 evgeni

    Yes, I though that this is fire:) so strange this soft roar give very quite atmosphere and fire somebody’s village home was in fire and now flame is fade out:)

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