I love hearing my recordings used in music. Mathias Brüssel, a.k.a Visuelle Musik, the programmer involved with the Max + Live to Twitter Ruby code, wrote music with some of my field recordings. He does really interesting stuff with programming, such as using the braille system to trigger MIDI.

Visuelle Musik is a multi-media project focused on transcoding different aspects of reality, applying different concepts to generate music from graphics, visuals from music, graphic from text…
By adding further associations using field recordings and real instruments, the music is allowed to evolve.


His first piece uses this recording: How to Prune Your Roses


This track uses sounds from my vacation in Thailand: Soundscapes of Thailand

These tracks will be part of the album f’asimisol r’emire‾si (terrestrial locomotion) planned to come out later this year on Luxus Arctica Records

You can also check out more of Mathias’ music here.

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  1. 1 soundslikenoise

    Really engaging rhythms. The clean beats at the end were a nice way to finish the soundscape.

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