This is a work in progress.

Motion Grains is an interactive instrument, where the sound is affected by movement.

I’m working on this project with Sian Palmer, a contemporary dancer and movement therapist based in Johannesburg.

The motion tracking system analyses the dancer and changes parameters from a granular synthesizer. As visualization, I’m converting the sonic grains into yellow dots that simulate bird flocking behavior, using the Boids artificial life algorithm. You can find all the info on the video below.

For the motion tracking, I’m using the [tap.jit.motion] external from Tap.Tools.

I programmed this last year, before the Kinect existed. I will update the patch to work with the Kinect to get better tracking and a Z-axis – how exciting!

I built this in Max/MSP. The sound engine is a granular synthesizer I hacked from Cycling 74’s Granularized example patch.

Video edited by Stephen Buchanan (thanks so much).

3 Responses to “Motion Grains – Prototype {+ interactive}”  

  1. 1 brendon bussy

    Nice demo video. I liked the explanation. Doing a lot of reading around granulation at the moment:

    I’m also working with dancers – free improv people. Planning a work now with audiomulch and physical triggers (objects).

  2. 2 Andrew Spitz

    Oh cool! please let me know when you have something to check. Would love to see it 🙂

  3. 3 brendon bussy

    will do!

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