At our last hacKinect Wednesdays gathering, we worked on the physical side of the installation. We bought a bunch of different types of solenoids (push, pull, big, small) to see how they work and which ones suit best our installation.

We also wanted to see a prototype of the whole system in action. The system goes Kinect > KinectCoreVision > Max/MSP > Arduino > Solenoids. You can check out the video to see it in action. We still have a long way to go, but it’s good to see the prototype in action.

2 Responses to “Controlling Solenoids with the Kinect {+ interactive}”  

  1. 1 maiatoday

    Oh man, I so wish I could have been there! Good job on getting all the pieces working together. All you need is an extra USB hub 😉

  2. 2 Andrew Spitz

    I know… Would have been great to have you there! Especially that we need to start tweaking the tracking to get it working the way we want. Maybe we should all have a chat at some point to figure out the tracking side of things.

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