I recently was on a shoot in Liberia, Monrovia. What an incredible country.

After a little confrontation from the Liberian equivilent of Area Boys [left pic], we managed to get to an awesome location by the river. There was a tree [right pic] swarming with hundreds of very vocal fruit bats. I couldn’t resist, and ditched the team in favor of the bats.

This sound is when the bats were calm:

Recorded on Sound Devices 702 & MKH 418s

As we got there, the bats were flying around like mad, but by the time I got the gear out, they calmed down. We tried many embarrassing things to get them to fly again, with zero success. One of the people there took pity on us and brought a massive oil drum to bang on. It worked.

Here’s the sound of the bats excited:

Recorded on Sound Devices 702 & MKH 418s

Coincidently, while I was writing this up, Tim Prebble from Music of Sound shared a sound of a flying fox he recorded in Samoa, which is the same as a fruit bat. They are known as Megabats. If you want to hear these bats solo rather than as a mass then head over to his blog post.

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  1. 1 alp tugan

    Second one is really interesting

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