Inspired by the 1960s and the “golden-age” of Pan Am-esque air travel — a glamourous period of travel for elite and well-dressed jet setters, we hoped to bring a little of this indulgent sophistication back to the travel experience through our iPhone app concept. JETSET tracks your flight history and visualizes interesting data about your flights.

As you travel, details about your flight are logged and you can revisit your travel history. JETSET also creates fun visualizations generated by your flight data. For example, you can see how far you have traveled in comparison to a trip to the moon or how long the equivalent journey would have taken you on foot.

You earn medals based on how much you have flown, where you have traveled to, and what type of planes you have taken. And of course, you can brag on social networks about your achievements and information about your flights.

JETSET was made by Andrew Spitz (me), Markus Schmeiduch and Katie Kindinger. It was created for the Graphical User Interface class at CIID.

We’re looking at ways to to turn this concept into reality, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to have a chat.

Here are some of the screens:




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  1. 1 robyn

    impressive – thanks for sharing

  2. 2 AlexBerger

    Absolutely love the visual style and design. It’s a fun approach and a cool idea for an app!

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