It’s time for a little update. I now live in the Netherlands and I co-founded a startup where we’re making Flying, an iPhone app for frequent flyers. Flying is useful, insightful and social. It all started over a year ago as JETSET, a concept for tracking flights made while studying at CIID. If you’re interested, you can check out our story and our awesome team here.

We launched in public beta a few weeks back and you can download it on the app store. My username is andrew – one of the perks of creating your own platform 🙂 Just search for me if you want to connect!


In the app, we love blurring the line between the digital and the physical. Flying used to be a very tactile and physical experience, where every touchpoint had a certain quality and ‘weight’ to it. So, we integrate tangible elements wherever possible, like making the real passport­-like stamps that are scanned into the app rather than digital representations. Check out the video below showing what I mean.


In the last post I shared a project I made called loci – 3D printed sculptures from your flights. This project was made to work together with Flying and we’re in the slow process of making this happen. Stay tuned!

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