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A few months back, with Mann Made Media, I had the privilege to work on a great project for BMW. BMW was announcing their sponsorship of the South African rugby team – the Springboks. Our brief was to simulate the feeling a rugby player would experience as they walk onto a packed stadium. It was well received […]

I just got back from really pleasant two week vacation in Thailand where I got to meet up with my girlfriend (she lives in the States). Here are some of my favorite sounds from the trip. I only brought my Zoom H4n and didn’t record much as it’s never fun to be on holiday with […]

A set of very exciting projects has come my way. I’m in South Africa for a few months recording and designing sound effects for three feature films. I’ve temporarily left New York (hopefully I will find my way back there soon) and its harsh winter for South Africa and its beautiful summer. bye bye boom boom […]

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Sound Designer’s Telephone Game. It was great fun and in the spirit of Social Sound Design. The Sound Designer’s Telephone Game started with a field recording of mine which was passed onto thirty people who had volunteered to participate. Each person was permitted to add only one effect. […]

Living in Scotland, you’re bound to hear bagpipes. In fact I hear them most days because I live next to a park where bagpipers like to rehearse. So every now and then you’ll get an entry on bagpipes like this one or “This is Not a Bagpipe”. Today, I recorded two bagpipe players who were […]

The gym I go to has a physiotherapist right below one of the aerobic rooms. I went in to ask a question and could not believe my ears because… I saw this: but I should have seen this: because I heard this: Poor receptionist! Download full quality [48kHz; 24bit; 10.3MB] Recorded on Zoom H4n Well, […]

This is a very quick entry as I’m off to Berlin tomorrow at 3:30am (Thanks, Ryanair!) for a three-day break. I’ve got all the essentials packed: recorder, windjammer, headphones and storage device to back up the sounds. I have always wanted a compact recorder to have on me at all times, my usual setup is […]